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60 Scarsdale Road, Unit #120, North York, ON, M3B 2R7

What We Do

In 1981, our founder purchased an apartment building in North York, Ontario. His proficiency and prowess as a property developer attests to what can be accomplished from modest beginnings. It's a story of the Canadian 'dream', of unlimited possibilities. For us, it was one mans initiative to build what has become one of North America's most vibrant and progressive asset management organizations, thirteen properties, two-thousand suites in Canada, nine communities and twenty-one hundred suites in the United States.

It's our vision that our proven ability to nurture a connected community at our many locations will continue to be the unique distinguishing characteristic of our company .custodians of caring communities with empowered employees engaging our residents, getting to know them and truly serve them.

"We believe it is our obligation to have an appreciation for our own blessings in life, having the desire to be caring, making courteous service our great passion, and in doing so, being a thankful team of people living out our gratitude by truly caring for others."

Our company's success remains grounded in the attention given to the principals of family values; honesty, respect, communication, responsibility, traditions, belonging and the love of home.values that have made us successful in the past and values we are committed to continue to build our business on.